Annuity Calculator

This annuity calculator is free to use and will give you an instant online indication of the amount of annuity income you may get from your pension fund. You will not be asked to submit any personal details in order to use this calculator.

Based on your age and fund size your annual annuity income will be in the range below

Why is there a difference between the lowest and highest amount of regular income that could be received, and is biggest best?

Click the button below, and select the options you think most likely represent what you wish to do with your pension fund. Once you have done this you will get a more accurate indication of what annuity amount you may get based on the choices you make. But please note this calculator is for illustration only and you should take independent advice before buying your annuity.

Tax Free Lump Sum





If you choose not to take any of your pension pot as a tax free lump sum then obviously you have more left and will get a higher regular income.


You can choose any of the following 3 in terms of the escalation of your regular monthly/annual income.

This means your regular income will not increase (i.e. it will remain level) over the years. In this case your income will be higher at the start but will not increase.

Policy Type

If you are married or in a partnership you may wish your policy to continue to pay to your spouse/partner in the event of your death.

This option will give you the highest income but means (if you are married or in a relationship) that your spouse or partner will not continue to get any annuity income in the event of your death. You don’t have to be single to select this option.

Guaranteed Payment Period

The guaranteed period means exactly what it says. The annuity you select can have a guaranteed period of either 0 years, 5 years or 10 years. So in the event of your death your annuity will continue for these guaranteed periods.

This means that the policy will cease in the event of your death, although if you have selected a joint policy your spouse/partner will still continue to receive the annuity income (at 50% or 100%). Of the 3 options in this section this will give you the highest regular income.

Your Health

The final choice you have relates to your health and lifestyle. For the sake of simplicity it would be impossible for us to list all the criteria and various combinations and permutations that will affect your annuity in respect of this. But we have listed some of the most common conditions below to help you decide which category (of 4) you would fall into. Please note that to get an exact quote you will, when you buy your annuity, need to complete a full health and lifestyle questionnaire. If you are unsure which of the four categories to select please feel free to contact us for assistance using our quick callback service. Please select the category you think most closely describes your state of health.

In good health with no medical conditions, non-smoker, taking no medication.

Your Partner's Health

In good health with no medical conditions, non-smoker, taking no medication.

Your Partner's Date of Birth

Your Results

Initial Fund Size

Tax Free Lump Sum

Residual Fund Size


To get an exact quote please fill in the form below and one of our consultants will get in touch with you shortly.

The figure above gives an approximate indication of the amount of annuity income you may receive based on the information you have given and the selections you have made.

Because each quote is bespoke and no two applications are the same in order to get you an exact figure we would need to conduct a short telephone interview with you to understand your precise circumstances. This service is free and if you would like to take advantage of it please complete the short form above and you will be contacted by an independent consultant who will talk you through the full annuity application process and answer any questions you may have. The consultant will then search the whole annuity market and come back with the best annuities available to you and these figures will be exact.

Annuity Calculator

This Annuity Calculator is free to use and you will not be asked to input any of your personal details. However, these quotes are based on a limited number of conditions so should be used for illustration purposes only and the quote you receive does not represent an offer. To get an accurate quote you should always seek professional consultations from an independent expert.

STAGE 1: By inputting your date of birth and the size of your pension fund you will receive an immediate illustration of the potential annuity (annual income) you could receive. If possible, please input the exact amount in your pension fund rather than a rounded figure.

Upon receiving your quote, you might wonder why the range between the two figures is so significant. Simply put, it’s because there are several additional choices you will be asked to make when you actually apply for or buy your annuity.

STAGE 2: You can use our more detailed calculator to see whereabouts in the range from Stage 1 your annuity income is more likely to fall, based on the main decisions you will be asked to make when you buy your annuity. The final figure you get will be somewhere between the two figures you received at Stage 1.

Full explanations will be given as you progress through Stage 2 but the main criteria are:

1. Whether you choose to take a TAX FREE LUMP SUM or not.
2. ESCALATION: Whether you wish to take a level annuity (which stays the same throughout its lifetime) or you require it to be index linked.
3. POLICY TYPE: If you require a joint or single policy.
4. GUARANTEED PAYMENT PERIOD: Whether you require a guaranteed period in the event of your death.

Although we have tried to keep our language as simple as possible, if you are having difficulty understanding the terminology, you can use our quick call back form to speak to an FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) qualified consultant instead.

STAGE 3: If you require a bespoke quote, please complete our short form at the end of the calculator process and an FCA qualified consultant will research the whole market for you. This is totally confidential and will involve a short telephone questionnaire.

Please note, every effort is made to keep the rates used for illustration up to date and accurate but we cannot be held responsible for changes in market conditions and rate changes.

Always seek independent consultations when considering a financial product.

Using this site is totally free and your details will not be shared with any third party for any reasons other than for which you have specifically requested. is paid a fee if you choose to submit your details but this does not affect the annuity rate you will be offered. You do not have to take any consultations given and you will not be charged a fee for the them. If you do choose to progress with an application the consultant will make you aware of any charges or fees that they may receive from the annuity provider before you commit. You will also be offered a ‘cooling off’ period and this does not affect your rights under the jurisdiction of the FCA.